The Studio

Creating a relaxing and inspirational environment for the studio has been an incredible experience for me.

Creating a relaxing and inspirational environment for the studio has been an incredible experience for me. I studied interior design in college and it continues to be a passion of mine. Early on I fell in love with 212 W. Houston. This building has been standing for over 100 years. It’s been the home of many different businesses over the years and the bricks alone told an interesting story. Sections of brick were different colors and some were newer than others. One section close to our snack bar is closing an old doorway from when this building was a restaurant and had a walk-through to the next building.

To unify the bricks we did a white basecoat, but then rolled over them with a soothing gray. This technique gives a nice texture to the space and allows the bricks to look like they have fresh mortar. The brick treatment breathed new life into this building and is one of my favorite elements of the design. We added wood flooring, some interesting light fixtures (you will just have to seem them in person!), and some fun yellow and white stripes that really set the tone of Pickles & Pottery.

Another favorite element of the studio design is our shelving. I’m not sure anyone could imagine what I was thinking when I started to buy loads and loads of galvanized pipe. My apologies if you needed some and Home Depot has been sold out for the last two months! I don’t know how many hours were put into cleaning and building the shelves with this pipe, but I think it was worth it! It has to be some of the sturdiest shelving I’ve seen and I love the unique look it gives the building.

Color-stained wood… I’m probably not the first person to stain wood purple and green, but I doubt there are very many that have gone before me! I love the natural look of wood grain, but being an art studio I needed to infuse color into the space. While we painted some walls with color, a lot of our color comes from the custom cabinets and shelving we have. I worked with a wonderful contractor and wood worker who kindly went along with my unusual ideas. I think they were quite surprised at how thought out my concepts were – I admit they sounded pretty off-the-wall!

I’m quite proud of how the studio has come together and I hope anyone that walks in will feel inspired and relaxed. I believe great design evokes emotion and I know that when I come to the studio I feel simply happy.

See you in the studio,

Becky, owner