Do you charge a studio fee?
No, our prices are all inclusive, already taking into consideration the cost of materials and time needed to glaze and fire your piece.
What ages do you recommend for your projects?
Every age is welcome! Little ones can use their hands and feet to embellish projects until they’re old enough to make designs with a paintbrush. Some toddlers will jump right in while others will need some encouragement, but we’re confident a good time will be had and memories made!
Is Pickles & Pottery geared mostly toward young kids?
Every age will enjoy coming to the studio for a fun project! We even offer Adult Only Art Classes throughout the month. Adults 21 & up are also welcome to BYOB after 5 pm.
Do I need a reservation?
Nope! Walk-ins are always welcome when we’re open! (We do ask for a head’s up if there will be 8 or more in your group.) If you are looking to use our private party room, however, you will need to call us to reserve a date and time.
Where should I park?
Pickles & Pottery has made your convenience a priority! While there is street parking available, as well as, a lot with some free 2 or 3 hour parking, we have reserved six spaces just for you! Our free Pickles & Pottery customer’s only parking is located at the corner of N. Crockett Street & W. Houston Street – right across from our studio! The spaces are designated with signs and are near the west end of the lot.
Is your pottery food safe?
Yes, all of our glazes are non-toxic and certified by the Art & Creative Materials Institute. Once fired the glaze fuses to the bisque creating a food safe seal. Specialty glazes, such as crystals, are not food-safe, but you will be made aware of this if you choose one of these.
Is your pottery dishwasher safe?
Our standard pottery or earthenware bisque pieces are not recommended for the dishwasher, however, we offer stoneware bisque that is! We recommend earthenware bisque only be hand washed, as there are tiny holes on the bottom where the pottery has been stilted and water can seep in if vigorously washed in a dishwasher. Over time this can lead to cracking or bacteria growth.
Why is stoneware bisque dishwasher, microwave, and oven safe while other earthenware bisque is not?
Earthenware remains porous (can absorb water) even after firing, unlike stoneware, which becomes non-porous after firing. Stoneware is a harder, stronger clay that fires at a higher temperature than earthenware. To prevent thermal shock, which can cause cracking, we have a few tips:

  • Place your stoneware dish in the oven as you preheat it
  • Do not take your stoneware dish from a hot oven to the refrigerator or freezer
  • Do not use your stoneware dish on the stovetop
What if I’m not artistic?
No problem! We have plenty of ideas to share with you, as well as, fun tools like stamps, sponges, silkscreens, etc. You can even use our carbon paper to trace a design on your pottery before you paint it. We also have lots of samples around the studio to help inspire you!

Keep in mind that pottery naturally has inconsistencies from piece to piece that make it unique so small imperfections in your design will only make it more charming!

How much do your projects cost?

Project costs range between $3 and $80. Most, however, are between $10 and $30 each. We have something for every budget! Our prices are all-inclusive & include clear glazing and firing.

If you’re looking for savings, join our Frequent Fire Club! With every $10 spent you will receive a punch on your punch card… once you have 10 enjoy $10 off your next visit!

What is Creative Camp?
Creative Camp is a kid’s camp offered at various times during the summer and spring which last 2 or 3 days. They are drop-off events where kiddos will spend 2 or 3 hours working on fun craft projects and making new friends. We even provide snacks! Check our Events page for details!
Why can’t I take home my masterpiece the same day?
Pottery, stoneware, and glass fused projects have to be fired in one of our kilns – Rachel, Phoebe, or Monica. It takes these hard working ladies a few hours (varies from project to project) to complete the firing process and then several more hours for them to cool down enough to take the pieces out. With pottery, there are additional steps we go through to get your piece ready for the kiln. We first let the glaze you applied dry properly (24 hours), and then we apply a clear glaze and let that dry properly (another 24 hours). Lastly, we stilt each piece in the kiln and let Rachel (or Phoebe) take care of the rest!

Need something faster? We offer mosaics that can be taken home the same day!